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Rebecca Moore first album - 1996 - Jeff is playing in it 6 String Bass and Drums


Admiral Charcoal's Song

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Based on a surrealist musical Rebecca Moore wrote and directed in New York, this was her first album. Michael Dorf's excitement at the musical led him to offer Moore a record deal on his Knitting Factory Records label. The songs were revised and arranged before being recorded. Moore deems it a formative work, though it is popular among experimental music enthusiasts.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Rebecca Moore.
  1. If You Please Me
  2. Busy Head
  3. Needle Men
  4. Twisty Lullag'bye
  5. Outdoor Elevator
  6. The Lamp Shop
  7. All The Halloweens You Can Hold
  8. Darkroom
  9. The Sisters Bernice
  10. Cripple Kingdom
  11. Rosalie's Nightmare


  • Rebecca Moore Vocals, Acoustic guitar, sound effects
  • Christina Campenella backing vocals
  • Jeff Buckley Electric 6 String Bass, Drums
  • Reuben Radding: Acoustic and electric bass
  • Larry Miller: Voice
  • Reuben Radding: Acoustic and electric bass
  • Nina Piaseckyj: Cello
  • Steven Bernstein: Trumpet


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