lunedì 16 marzo 2020

Jeff is dead because he got a bad nervous break down

....Yet those who knew him knew that Jeff Buckley had lived the last few days in a particular way, as Dave Lory said: "He wanted to buy a house that was not for sale. He wanted to buy a car that was not for sale. He asked Joan [his girlfriend] to marry him. He also had an interview to be a butterfly keeper at the Memphis Zoo: a lot of strange things that weren't like him. I think it aimed to settle down. He wanted a normal life. "

No he was very sick, he got a very bad nervous breakdown, he was alone and sad, he felt hempty of  the capacity to love  the life, he was feeling without  roots, he missed a lot his lover Rebecca Moore his unique lover!

I explain this very well in my book!

Beautiful Halleluyah in the mountain


giovedì 23 gennaio 2020

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